DPI/HAL Mobile Payments

This is a solution offering an easy-to-use and secure mobile payment system with digital signature protection that functions on normal mobile telephone handsets.

The solution uses public and private key technology saved on SIM smart cards (WPKI), and basic mobile telephone functions. DPI/Hal's certicate authority, DPI/Hal-CA is the first certificate agency in the region to have fully mastered the technology for saving public and private keys on SIM smart cards.


Using WPKI technology and high quality software and the tried and tested DPI/Hal business network and reliable technical connections with financial institutions, the DPI/Hal M-Payments solutions offers the following major advantages for users:

  • security: digital signature (WPKI)
  • easy-to-use: communication via SMS text message
  • also suitable for high-value payments: payment settled directly from user bank account
  • operates on all normal mobile telephones
  • low investment for partners (mobile operators, banks, and goods and service providers): no major changes in information systems, relatively simple interface required

DPI/HAL Mobile Payments Benefits


WPKI (Wireless Public Key Infrastructure) technology provides users with the same level of transaction security as a normal computer offers for e-transactions, thanks to smart cards with qualified digital certificate. These offer the highest (commercial) level of security for e-transactions. The only difference lies in the fact that for DPI/Hal M-Payments the qualified digital certificate is saved on the SIM smart card located within the mobile telephone, with the telephone handset performing the function of reader and computer. It should be mentioned that mobile telephones are much more widely compatible than personal computers, so the future of digital transactions undoubtedly lies in the use of mobile telephones as devices for legally valid remote signatures (mobile electronic pens) and for secure and reliable remote identification (electronic ID).


Easy to use

In addition to security, another condition ensuring the widespread use of this solution is the fact it is easy to use. Payment and remote signature using the DPI/Hal M-Payments solution is just as easy as withdrawing cash from an ATM. All communication is via SMS text message. When users order goods or services via the web or telephone, the entire procedure is completed in just three steps:

  1. the service or goods provider sends the user an m-invoice to their mobile telephone
  2. the user signs the m-invoice by entering the PIN number of the electronic certificate on the SIM smart card (not the same as the SIM card PIN number)
  3. the user receives confirmation of invoice payment on their mobile phone.

Given the high security standards and ease of use, the DPI/Hal M-Payments solution is particularly suitable for the following e-services:

  • Secure e-payment for goods and services (including high-value payments)
  • Internet shopping
  • Share trading 
  • eBanking 
  • Public administration e-services
  • Gambling and other services …


Various partners must be included in the system to ensure the full functionality of the DPI/Hal M-Payments solution. In addition to the certificate authority and mobile operator (or several operators) providing the security and the communication services, banks (payments go directly via the user's bank account) and goods and service providers must also be included as partners. Joining the system does not require partners to make any complex changes to their existing business solutions.
In order to integrate their back office with the
DPI/Hal M-Payments solution, banks or major goods and service providers only need to install a relatively simple interface, via which the bank and provider can communicate with the processing centre (EBB). Smaller providers and others that do not want to integrate the DPI/Hal M-Payments solution into their information system can communicate with customers (sending SMS text messages).