Subscriber Services

The electrical industry is a set of four service areas including production, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity which It’s economy is based on service-line sale, energy sale and after-sale service. Sale of the electricity industry has four core business areas which are service-line sale, energy sale, after-sale service and customer support.


In thiscollectionofsale fields, saleactivitiesandafter-sale serviceare in a very important branching degree than the otherservices because inthistype of service, the applicant and thepowerof sharedservicesdirectlyinvolvedin thedifferent stages.

DPI ElectricitySubscribersSystem, has been operating using thelatest technology, Power IndustryExpertAdvisors, and more than 25 years experience based on the needs of the electrical industry.



·         Meet all of theneedsofconsumers

·         The systemiscompletelyweb-based and can be used in related offices and request acquisition can be done remotely

·         Using the workflow system for all service requests and system control in every stage of workflow

·         Ability to return back the workflow steps in every stage as required

·         Parametric bylaws of service-line sale, energy sale and after-sale service

·         Ability to register combination of requests of any type

·         Financial coverage of all customer service areas (billing, collecting bills, Installment issue, collecting installments, financial records and refunds to applicants)

·         Workflow control between organizational levels

·         Users control and user access management

·         Registration for all kind of applicants and individuals or the legal person

·         Completely mechanized cost calculationfor all services using latest bylaws

·         Maintaining financial history for each subscriber since registrationuntilcollecting

·         Ability to applicant debt settlement and issuing bill for service requests

·         Registering credits and using these documents throughoutthe workflow

·         By installments cost of service and tracking their receipt and maintaining history by installment

·         The claims collecting tracking system which includes reporting, warnings, contractors, contractor situation and …

·         Contractors and their agentsmanagementfor every district area

·         Metersmanagementand assigning to the contractor and control the list of delivered goods

·         Initial/Periodicmeter tests management and pertaining the history

·         Ability to prepare every kind of management, statistical and operational reports of the system

·         Ability to managing the requests need design and plan

·         Ability to keep any kind of document images/ connecting with a document management system

·         Workflow-basedall kinds of requests

·         Supports dashboards of tasks for each user

·         Ability to prepare contractor performance/statement for every district area