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  • Unrivaled in setup & maintenance of technology rich internet data centers (IDC)

  • Partner and platinum service provider of parallels (A software technology company with offices in the USA, Germany, Russia, and a few other countries)

  • Over fifty four years of service and track history in the IT industry in Iran

  • DPI With a persistent and robust foundation in E-Commerce In Iran

  • DPI Honored by Iran High Council of Informatics as one of the top IT companies in Iran


DPI eBanking Soloutions – It’s our DNA

Drive deposit growth and wallet share with a broad range of on-line banking services with DPI.


Convenient, safe, and easy to use, our  eBanking solutions offer a set of on-demand banking services that can help you increase customer retention, reduce costs, build wallet share, support your business and retail strategies, and offer you more cross-sell opportunities.



What’s New

DPI/HAL Mobile Payments

This is a solution offering an easy-to-use and secure mobile payment system with digital signature protection that functions on normal mobile telephone handsets.


The solution uses public and private key technology saved on SIM smart cards (WPKI), and basic mobile telephone functions. DPI/Hal's certicate authority, DPI/Hal-CA is the first certificate agency in the region to have fully mastered the technology for saving public and private keys on SIM smart cards.