DPI Hamta Mobile Bank


Hamta Mobile Banking is an innovative and smart solution which uses smart phone features such as camera and GPS to provide banking services in a simple and intuitive fasion. Security is at the heart of Hamta Solution which uses two layers of standard SSL and custom cryptography at the same time. Coverage of the most popular mobile platforms in the market and simultaneous support for Internet and SMS connectivity, makes Hamta to be one of the most competitive solutions in the market available today. 



With wide range of banking customers, it's very important to provide the service in a simple and usable way. Hamta is designed with simplicity in mind at the first place. For example, customers can pay bills with just a single click with the help of barcode reader.


Hamta uses smart and innovative ideas in application design to provide productivity and ease of use to the customer. Sample scenarios include:

  • Reducing client/server interaction to minimum with smart ways such as combining messages in to a single message and client cashing validation
  • Automatic saving of destination accounts in fund transfers and auto suggesting them to next transactions
  • Automatic switch between SMS and Internet channels based on availability
  • Automatic key update based on message length and connectivity channel

Secure solution

Security is the primary concern in electronic financial transactions.Hamta solutions provides different aspects of security such as:

  • Custom cryptography and encryption on both Internet and SMS connectivity
  • SSL cryptography in addition to custom cryptography on Internet channels
  • Activation and authentication by mobile number

Support for Internet and SMS channels

Hamta supports SMS connectivity in addition to Internet connectivity. So customers are able to use the system with SMS, in case they don't have access to the Internet.


While Hamta supports most of the typical financial services such as fund transfer and bill payment, custom implementation can be performed based on each financial institute needs.

Multiple Mobile Platform Support

Hamta provides separate native implementation for Java/J2ME, Android and iOS mobile clients. This enables the financial institution to cover the most popular platforms in the market today while using the power of each platform.

Branch Locator

Customers can easily search and locate bank branches based on current location. 

  • Support for online and offline maps
  • Search by keyword and bank facilities
  • Search results are shown both on maps or list formats

Monitoring and Management Panel

With Hamta system administrators are able to monitor the system in real time and take corrective actions spontaneously. Visual reports and analytics can bring customers and system usage insight to the management for further planning and service enhancement.


Hamta is successfully installed in large scale banks in the region with more than 6 million banking customers. so deployment in small and medium financial institutions is easily achivable.

Java/J2ME Platform

Using Java and leading open source technologies provides both portability and scalability. so the financial institution can reuse the current investment on infrastructure and avoid extra spending.