DPI Atlas Channel Management System


The goal is to create a centralized management system on controlling items (national code, payment ID of organizations, etc), data and modern communication channels such as telephone banking, mobile banking, Internet banking, receiving, ATM /POS switches for accessing centralized banking core systems.

This system acts as a secure portal, input integrator and servicing mechanism to a variety of customer demands through communication channels. Communication channels management system can also include suitable adapters in layer of communication with core or set of secondary cores and act as an integrator layer on separate banking systems and it can specifically manage customer requests in a correct and controlled way whenever communication between them is necessary.


In other words, as a standard consolidation environment, entering customer requests through channel management system is a solution for problems originated from growth of separate banking products. Using channel management system, banks may keep their current systems and give modern banking services to customers, regardless of the bank core systems in which the customers are defined.

This system can also help other organizations who want to give services through different channels and to create customer information relationships over their own information systems.


  • Banks and their customers
  • Organizations that give services and create information relationship with their customers using modern communication channels


  • Possibility for banks and finance institutions to give services round-the-clock

·         Reducing human resource costs

·         Customer satisfaction for easier and more convenient services

·         Reducing the need for development of branches that needs more investment

·         Minimizing the necessity for modifications on Core systems that will cause huge investments

·         Receiving similar services through each channel regardless of the core systems in which the customer is defined

·         Increasing security due to using a common unit for all customer accesses to Core systems

·         Improvement of information management


  • Centralized management capability on input channels
  • Ability to create integrity in organization in the level of data base
  • Ability to keep control on input channels and to define functions precisely
  • Ability to integrate modifications on definition and usage of functions
  • Ability to reduce costs and time of changes
  • Facilitation of connecting new input channels
  • Ability to increase information protection against unauthorized accesses
  • Possibility to control the maximum funds transfer for each input channel
  • Possibility to give different services to input channels
  • Possibility for customers to track financial transactions through modern service channels
  • Possibility to connect to SHETAB network

·         Possibility of transaction routing based on transaction Fields such as account number, card number, type of transaction, type of account, type of currency and branch

·         All financial and none-financial transactions are recorded in Atlas channel management system and are traceable and countable

·         Atlas channels management system provides the possibility for automatic calculation of commission with commission ceiling determination for each transaction

·         Transactions which don’t need prompt processing are processed off-line and system processing is postponed to a suitable situation. Thus the volume of unnecessary processing is reduced when the system is overloaded

·         The Atlas channel management system can exchange information through files

Sample Messages of Banking Field

  • Balancing

·         Billing (the last N turnover)

·         Withdraw

·         Deposit

·         Internal and SHETAB funds transfer

·         IRANCELL and HAMRAH AVAL charge purchasing

·         Payment of bills

·         Validation of payment of bills

·         Customer information observation

·         Check status notification

·         Currency rate notification

·         Registering for services (modern customer services)

·         SATNA funds transfer

·         Check specification notification

·         Registering for share services

·         Share exchange in goods market

·         Share exchange in the stock market of Tehran

·         Prompt announcement of withdrawal and deposit of customer accounts

  • Ability to create integrity in organization in the level of data base

Technical Specifications

·         Technical architecture:  Multilayer, Service based, Scalable

·         Functional architecture: Distributed, Load balance capability, Fault tolerance

Hardware Platform

  • Server level: Z series, P series, I series
  • Workstation level: Support of different hardware platforms

Software Platform

·         Server operating system: Z/OS

·         Workstation operating system: Support of different software platforms

·         Web server: Apache


Database Management: IBM DB2

Language and Programming Environment: J2EE, Java

Design Methodology: XP

Implementation Method: Centralized

Communications Protocol: JMX