Domain of the DPI activities

According to approved constitution, DPI can be present and act on all fields concerning information and communications technology.  And DPI is identified as one of the important companies in these fields.  DPI activity headlines include the following:


·         Provision of computer hardware and software products and services concerning Mainframe and Mini computers and computer networks

·         Provision of   total   solutions relating informatics and information technology plans.

·         Provision of management consulting services for information systems and supervision of informatics plans implementation

·         Presenting, installation and support of software from abroad (systems and tools)

·         Design, creation, implementation and support of application systems for product creation and according to customer orders

·         Presenting training services in all fields relating information technology

·         Design, creation, implementation and support of Wide Area Networks exploiting advanced technology

·         Providing hardware and software support services

·         Design, construct and manage large Internet Data Centers (IDCs)

·         Presenting communication network services (as a network service provider)

·         Presenting Internet Data Center services according to DPI license from “Ministry of Communications and Information Technology”



DPI ranking in IT industry of Iran