DPI (Data Processing of Iran)

 IBM branch in Iran, later known as “Data Processing Iran (DPI) company ”, started it’s  activity  in 1957  coinciding  with  public  census and also the exploitation of first card reader in the country. Considering  the  growing  applications  of  computers in processing mathematical calculations  and  data storage,  gradually IBM activities in many  organizations,  ministries  and  universities  began  growing,  so that in years 1977   and   1978,  with  nearly  four hundred   expert  employees , IBM  exclusively undertook  all processing activities and electronic calculations in important decision making, planning and academic organizations.



At  the  time  of  the  victory  of the Islamic Revolution, considering the particular situation  in  Iran, IBM branch transferred all facilities and equipment and continued it’s  activities  under the new name “Ex-IBM” and as a dependant of the Organization of  Planning and Budget.  Due to needs  and  dependency  to  IBM  services, in the year   1984,    “Organization   of   Planning   and   Budget”   which   is   now  called  “Organization   of    Management   and   Planning”     as    the   government    legal representative of IBM activities, registered  “Data  Processing  Iran”  company  and all Ex-IBM material and intellectual rights were transferred to this company. 

During years 1991-2001, specially through the Iraqi imposed war, DPI continued it’s computer support and services for sensitive and strategic organizations in spite of all difficulties due to economic sanction.   Moreover  DPI  has  succeeded  in showing  high  income  and  profit  rates all through the above mentioned period of time.

In 2001, DPI became a Private company , listed under the Tehran Stock Exchange. Over the company's history, DPI has signed numerous technology-sharing national and international agreements till now.


DPI history in brief

1957 (Aug)

Establishment of IBM Iranian branch

1981 (Nov)

Take over agreement between IBM and Plan Budget Organization(PBO)


Increasing presence of IBM in Iranian DP market

1984 (July)

Renaming the operation as Data Processing Iran (DPI)


Cession of 30 percent of company's shares to employees and specialists in informatics line in Iran


Change the status of company to complete private one